About Artio Birth Care

I am a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.

With my childbirth classes you can expect:

  • An Advocate for your beautiful birth experience
  • Respect and warmth for all families
  • Trust in your innate ability to birth your baby
  • Information that is current and evidence-based
  • Opportunity to join a community of parents

I want to support women and their families through this transformative time in their lives.

You will learn the following in class:

  • Physiology of Pregnancy, Labor and Birth
  • Shared Decision-Making and Informed Consent
  • Labor Positions
  • Important Roles of Hormones
  • Lamaze’s Six Healthy Birth Practices
  • Healthy Lifestyles and Nutrition
  • Comfort Measures for Pregnancy and Labor
  • Labor Support Strategies for Partners
  • About Medical Interventions and Inductions
  • How to Create Your Birth Plan
  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Early Parenting Tips and Training
  • And SO. MUCH. MORE.

You will receive FREE with your class:

  • Artio Birth Care Third Trimester Red Raspberry Leaf Labor Prep Tea (a $9 value)
  • Artio Birth Care Packet full of all information covered in classes and space to make notes.
  • Shared Decision-Making/Informed Consent Card to carry with you to care provider appointments.
  • Artio Birth Care Labor Affirmation Cards (a $9 value)

Who was Artio?

Artio was the Celtic bear goddess of fertility, transformation and abundance. Her name comes from the Gaulish word for bear, “Artos”, which also gives us the name “Arthur”(my son’s name). She is connected to the Greek goddess Artemis, who is often seen with wildlife, particularly bears. Evidence of her worship goes far back into history, as seen in stone bear carvings and sculptures from as early as 6,000 years ago. The Feast Day of Saint Ursula, whose name means “She-Bear”, is October 21st (my daughter’s birthday). Upon reading all of these coincidences and feeling such a strong tether to this ancient mama bear, how could I not name my business after this powerful historical figure?

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